Creating a discount group with no discount

While the Wholesale Hero app is a very efficient app to set wholesale prices for your customers, it is also possible not to offer a discount at all but set individual pricing instead across all products. This feature will allow you to set different prices for different products across your store regardless of discount groups that have already been created.

To set no discount for any discount group and only individual prices instead, create a discount group across your entire store with a 0% discount. Follow the steps below to learn how:

1. Launch the app and click Add a Discount Group.

2. Set a name for the discount group and set the discount to zero. In this example, we name the group Special.

3. Choose the radio button for Set discount across the entire store.

4. Click Save.

Here's a quick demo:

You now have zero discount offer on your entire store. You can now set individual prices to be applied to all your products. 

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