Optimizing your Wholesale Program using Wholesale Hero

1. Make your program visible and known to customers.

You have a very nice wholesale program there and both you and the customers can very well benefit from it. But they cannot use it if they do not have any idea that it exists, right? In order to engage customers with your program, make sure they are aware of it and they can easily find it!  Most of the time, poor visibility is the number one reason for low engagement rates.

To help make your program visible, you can do the following:

  • place ads or links about it in the landing pages of your products
  • setup a homepage banner or call-to-action buttons and place it on top of your online store
  • put links in the footer of the homepage

2. Include it in email marketing campaigns.

Most people nowadays rely on emails as one of the best ways to keep them informed about a lot of things. This goes the same in keeping in touch with your customers. Create a short but informative description of your wholesale program and let them know about the value and benefits it has to offer.

If you just launched your program:

  • Let your customers know that you started a wholesale program
  • Describe the benefits of joining by answering the question "what's in it for me?"
  • Explain how customers can earn wholesale discounts
  • Invite them to join with a clear call-to-action button that links to your account creation page

3. Inform users about your wholesale program on social media sites or your blog.

In today's time, it cannot be denied that social media is what most people breathe. A day is never complete if they cannot check Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites. Take advantage of the effortless accessibility of these sites and let the news about your wholesale program spread far and wide. Create blog sites and promote your wholesale program. If you have a help site - allot a special section that will contain detailed information about your program.

4. Use a single page order form.

Most customers hate the hassle of filling out multiple pages of online forms in order to avail of a big discount for their purchases, and who wouldn't? Filling out forms can take up so much time and most customers do not have the time and patience to do it. The results, they abandon their orders and you lose a sale.

Using a single page order form is a smarter way to get successful orders. Customers should see all important details right away such as the total gross price of their purchases, the wholesale discount they are qualified to avail, and the net price that they need to pay - all in a single page. Transactions will be fast, easy, and stress-free!

5. Offer Incentives such as volume discounts or free shipping.

The best things in life are free - including shipping! Your program will be easily recognized and get popular if customers are happier than how they are with other programs. And what makes them happier? It is the idea that they get something valuable in return as an appreciation of their loyalty to your store. Additional discounts and free shipping for volume purchases always make a huge difference and make your program stand out, plus, it can be easily configured within the Wholesale app!

6. Identify Wholesale Customers in your current customer list.

Among your customers, there will always be a bunch, maybe a special group, or a particular person, that would create an impression. There are a number of red flags that you want to look out for:
  • Customers that have provided a company name while ordering
  • Customers that have ordered larger quantities
  • Customers that have ordered multiple times over the last 12 months

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