My discounts are not showing, what could be wrong?

Are your discounts not showing? No worries, let's take a look at a checklist of common remedies to make sure the discounts that your customers deserve are visible. The following assumes that you have a customer account to test, referred to as "the customer".

1. Have we notified you that your theme has been updated and the app is now live?
For Wholesale Hero to work, you need to invite us to your store and we need to update your theme. 

2. Is the customer logged in to the store?
Customers must be logged in to your store using an email and password to view discounted prices.

3. Is the customer tagged with the appropriate case-sensitive tag?
Make sure that you have the correct tagging for the customer. Always remember that the tags are case-sensitive and it may be causing the issue if the customers cannot see the discounts. For example: If you have a discount group named "VIP", please ensure that the customer is tagged "VIP" and not "vip" or "Vip".

4. Is your discount group synced?
If you have recently created or updated a discount group it usually takes 2 minutes per 200 products to update. There is a banner above your discount groups that will allow you to check if you have any pending products to be synced. 

5. Have you checked out our discount group walk-through test?
This walks you through the necessary steps for the discount to work. 

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