My cart is not displaying the correct total

Is your cart total displaying a slightly different total price than it should be?

The reason for this is that by default we round discounts to the nearest dollar after $25. Once setup is complete, you will see a range of discount codes added by the app in your discounts admin section.

Due to restrictions, the discount codes are added in 0.10 increments up to $25 and 1.00 increments thereafter. Let's take a look at an example.

Our total regular price here is $300. The total wholesale price should be $308.82 yet it's displaying $308. This is due to the fact that we are rounding down to the nearest dollar when we apply our discount code. While not ideal, we can change the rounding method.

Changing the default rounding method

  1. Click the General Settings button in the top right corner

  2. Change to the desired rounding method. We'll choose to round to the nearest dollar regardless of direction here

  3. The cart total now changes to $309

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