How do I access the product catalog/ catalogue of my online store as the customer?

Question: How do I access the product catalog/catalogue of my online store in a customer's view to check how my products appear?

Answer: Viewing your products for sale online is easy through the Wholesale Hero app. The app allows you to log in to your online store as a customer so that you can see it as how the customers do. It will even allow you to test buying any of the items to give you the same experience that your customers will have. 

The following simple steps below will guide you on how to do this:

Step1. Launch the Wholesale Hero app and go to the dashboard.

Step2. The Discount Groups created will be displayed in the dashboard. Choose any of them and click its Test button.

Step3. Click the Run Check button. This will make sure that whatever settings you had done in your discount group will be synced and will apply to your online store.

Step4. Click the link that says log in to your store as the customer.

Step5. After logging in, you will now be taken to the startup page of your test store. Click Catalog. 

You can now start exploring. Enjoy!

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