Setup Step 1: Creating a Discount Group

A Discount Group is created in order to give a particular group of customers in your online store to get special discounts for their wholesale purchases. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a discount group:

1. Set the Discount Type

Step1. In your Wholesale Hero app, click Add a Discount Group.

Step2. In the Customer Tag field, enter any name for the group of customers that you want to set the discount to. In this example, let us use Platinum.

Note: The Customer Tag is case sensitive.

Step3. Enter the percentage discount you would like to apply for this group. In this example, we are giving a 30% discount to all customers that are members of this group.

2. Set products to be discounted 

Step1. Choose which products you would want for the discount to apply. The options are:

  • Set discount across the entire store - The discount will be applied to all products in your online store
  • Select collections to be discounted - The discount will be applied to a specific collection or group of products
  • Select products to be discounted - The discount will be applied to specific products

In this example, we choose to set the discount across the entire store. This means that the customers can avail of the discount price for whatever product they would purchase from your online store.

Step2. Click Save  Discount Group.

The Discount Group you created will now show in your dashboard.

Here's a quick demo:

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