Modifying the Discount Codes messages

The various Discount codes messages appear on the cart page after entering a discount code to apply more discounts on top of the ones being offered. These messages pop up based on the result of the discount codes being entered (eg. expired, cannot be found, etc).

You can customize these messages and create your own if you wish to. Follow the steps below:

1. Launch the app and go to Settings.

2. In the Language Settings section, click the Discount Codes tab.

3. Modify any the following messages according to your preference:

  • Discount Code not found - appears when the discount code entered is not valid
  • Discount Code Minimum Requirement - appears when there is a minimum requirement to use the discount code
  • Discount Code Requirements Not Met - appears when the requirement has not been reached
  • Discount Code Expired - appears when the discount code used has already expired

4. Click Save.

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